Mobile Apps That Are Worth The Price

The holiday are coming. Are you still thinking about what presents to give? Well, why don't you choose among these mobile apps that are surely worth their prices.

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop (iOS, Android, starting at $2.99) » As productivity apps go, this is a must-have app. This brilliant program connects your phone or tablet to your PC or Mac. It’s saved my life more than once when I was at work but needed to access a file on my home PC.

It wirelessly connects to your desktop computer and displays your computer screen on your mobile device. You then move your finger around the interface like a mouse cursor. There is little to no lag, and the program works perfectly.

Air Video HD/Qloud Media (iOS, Android, $2.99) » If you’re like me, you can never have enough storage in your mobile phone or tablet, especially if you load it up with tons of video and music. These two apps are perfect solutions to running out of space. These apps, one for iPhones and iPads and the other for Android devices, turns your home desktop computer into a server. Store all your video and music on your home computer and stream them to your phone with ease.

Solar Walk (iOS, $2.99) » You don’t have an be an astronomy junkie to enjoy this gorgeous, fun and educational app that explores our solar system with stunning 3D models of all the planets and their moons.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (iOS, $19.99) » Don’t let that steep price fool you — this is a full-fledged, full-featured port of the same game that would cost you 50 bucks for the consoles and PC. It’s a wonderful strategy game in which you control a squad of marines searching for and fighting alien beings that crash land on Earth.

These mobile apps are great for holiday presents. Some may be a little pricey but they are actually worth more than what you paid for especially when they get into the hands of the recipient.

via Oh My Tech!: These paid mobile apps are worth the price – Salt Lake Tribune