Mobile Apps Help Save Shopping Money




Mobile apps are taking over everything. And when I say everything that includes the shopping industry. There are now mobile apps that help us save shopping money.


With four children, Claire Troxel of Gainesville says her time is limited.


“Using one on my smartphone would definitely be more likely to happen than if I had to search through a magazine,” said Troxel.


And whether it's getting notifications about items on sale, shopping from magazines and flyers, or printing email promotions, apps are helping shoppers find deals.


“I don't even want to step foot into a store unless I know exactly what I'm going for. I'm not a browser,” said Troxel. “I gotta get in and get out, so I think that's definitely what I'm looking for, simplicity and speed, and ease, and one hand if I can do it…”


Claire's husband, Ian, says he uses apps like these all the time.


“It saves a lot of time that I don't have to wait for stuff in the mail or try to find that add in the front of the store. Instead I can just look on my phone and while I'm sitting at home I can actually chose my day out by which stores might have coupons or not as oppose to go into each store individually,” said Ian Troxel.


Spokesperson for the Florida Retail Federation, John Fleming, certainly agrees.

But these mobile apps are not all the same.
Some let you browse through different coupon books for different stores.
Others actually let you take pictures of coupons you receive in the mail and store them electronically.
Some include tracking of the user's favorite clothing items or brands and alert them when they go on sale in their size.
And there are others that let shoppers compare prices while they are in the store by just scanning the bar code.

It is a good thing that mobile apps are here to help us with our shopping needs. These apps help us compare with our products or merchandise from other stores. Hence, we are able to figure out which ones are less expensive and can save us money.

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