Healthcare Mobile Apps For You

Mobile apps are now more useful than ever. With helaht mobile apps, everyone can access medical information that will provide them with basic health and medical information for immediate response to any symptoms.
“(The trend) just seems to be exploding,” said Seth S. Martin, a Pollin cardiovascular prevention fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. “With the widespread use now of smartphones, it’s a really exciting opportunity to help people live healthier lives.”

Apps like and those developed by the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies (CBITs) at Northwestern University collect data through smartphones and web activity and relay that information to health care providers — without the patient needing to lift a finger. This, they argue, enriches the health care process by integrating technology and primary care.

This is most apparent with the app, which is currently invite only — it’s being tested in larger hospital systems before it expands to the public — and deals with a small number of specific diseases like diabetes and ulcerative colitis.

According to its website, “works in the background to collect data about your movement, call and texting patterns. Once the application has gathered enough data to understand your behavior patterns, it will provide you with health insights and alerts.

These alerts range from condition-specific health tips to insights into the patient’s own health patterns.

“It forms an automated diary of your life,” said Anmol Madan, co-founder and CEO of “The idea is to provide support to patients and families.”

While these halth mobile apps provide accessible health information, still when health problems become more serious and severe it is still advisable to seek medical advice from proessionals.

via Mobile apps could transform healthcare – Cumberland Times-News